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About Me

Hi, my name is Desyra Noir and I'm a 31 year old adult model. I have been working in the adult industry ever since I was 18 years old. My body is busty, bold, and I am more than willing to submit myself to challenges of moving the barriers of taboo in my quest to attain total sexual pleasure.

People in the past described me as being a real tigress in the bedroom and after watching some of my striping, anal and masturbation videos I guess that pretty much no one can dispute this statement. Coming from a small town in Germany, I was working as a stripper for few years in some of "all nude" clubs around my home country, before I moved on and began my adult modeling career.

At first I was doing softcore glamour work, specializing stripteases, but the desire of my fans to see me pushing the boundaries a bit further, and the enthusiasm of the industry to pay for that more than generously, encouraged me to take the step forward, leave my country and head for the sunny Spain. And hence my erotic evolution of legendary proportions followed.

Born in a small German town, and known for my loud moans and screams of joy and pleasure, as well as her high powered booty play that could probably rival some of the professional porno anal queens out there, I had proven that the German ladies are some of the hottest and sexiest ladies on this planet, especially in Europe, and that we can be every bit as daring as the rest of the girls. about-me-1Being a luscious and randy MILF I'm fairly ravenous in the bed, or on any other surface, and in any other room in a house, if I might add. I am often the one taking the aggressor role when it comes to masturbation and sex, and I will also always submit to the wishes and commands of my partner.

Even when I am bound and gagged, people can still sense my passionate and sexual fury ready to erupt. Beside being interested in all kinds of sexual pleasures, I have to say that one of the main things that turns me on is playing with the wide arrange of my toys, and trust me when I say, my collection is huge and I have tone of them. Apart from being interested in playing with dildos and vibrators, I also have a huge penchant for anal sex.

I just simply can't get enough of the ass play. From my bountiful breasts to my bodacious and delicious butt, my body curves are sensational. Add to that my erect stature and intensity in every video I do and you have before yourself a goddess in the flesh.